About Us

We are a premium laundry company that strives to provide the best experience for our clients, through world-class quality and efficient turnaround time. As a one-stop laundry provider, our spectrum of professional services includes load wash, curtain dry-cleaning, stain removal, steam press (ironing) as well as services tailored to your preference.

Established in 2006, we have built up a steady clientele base with our impeccable service, superior standards and innovative techniques, and are highly sought after by many customers in the healthcare industry.

Key Industries


We also serve institutional customers across a wide range of sectors, and are equipped with the right know-how to deal with specific fabrics.


Trusted by our clients in the hospitality industry including spas and hotels, we save you the hassle of laundry so you can focus on your core operations.


We have the requisite healthcare laundry facilities, providing laundry services that meet the highest standards for curtains, bedlinen and more.